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Hangarankanda Estate Bungalow which is hand in hand with nature, is a winsome lodging house situated in the middle of a picturesque and a rich range of tea estates spreading from the border of overprotected Diyadawa forest, connected to the intact, evergreen Singharaja rainforest, a renowned World Heritage.

You can no doubt have a marvellous opportunity of going for an unforgettable experience in a tranquil environ. The sweet chirping of birds will wake you up in the morning and you can have a dip in our natural pool before you head to enjoy some mouthwatering meals.

Hangarankanda Estate Bungalow is in the centre of a couple of charming attractions which you must visit . It is only 13km to the entrance of Singharaja forest ; 15km to the famous Slippery rock pool, Fatna; 13km to the Hathmaala falls at Pallegama and only 2km to the historic Getabaru Dewalaya.

In this lodging house with full security, a group of 10 people can be comfortably accommodated. You will have free access to our natural pool, parking facilities and the services of an expert chef who will prepare any kind of meal you wish to enjoy. You also can get the intimate service of a good hearted staff to fulfill you needs promptly.

You can reserve Hangarankanda Estate Bungalow for just Rs.15000 per day with all these facilities.

Feel the Relaxation

Cool breeze and chattering sounds of birds in the early mornings will make you feel relaxed like never before.


A dip in the crystal clear waters of our natural pool before some mouthwatering meals is a perfect way calm your mind, body and soul.


Which is hand in hand with the nature, is a winsome lodging house situated in the middle of a picturesque and rich range of Tea estates spread from the border of overprotected Diyadawa forest connected to intact evergreen Singharaja forest

your unforgettable holiday

Hangarankanda Bungalow, situated amidst a lush green tea estate is no doubt the best place for an amazing getaway for your family and friends.